Zebra Shades

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Zebra Shades Mississauga

Unique in aesthetic and functionality, zebra shades are what you need for an upscale look for your interiors. Zebra shades stand true to their name and take the stripes of a zebra to a new level of window treatment and room decoration. Perfect for privacy and a blend of daylight control with window insulation, our zebra shades are available in all sizes and a variety of colors. Local Blinds Canada offers zebra shades in Mississauga that are made from soft sheer layers of elegant textured fabrics for your domestic or commercial interiors. We guarantee zebra shades Mississauga with high-end materials.

Zebra Shades Toronto

A perfect marriage between the ever so reliable roller blinds and your traditional horizontal blinds, the zebra shades are designed with dual purpose in mind. Local Blinds Canada now offers leading zebra shades in Toronto that will make a style statement like no other on any home or office windows. Complement your minimalistic contemporary interiors with something unique and pleasing to look at. Our Zebra shades in Toronto and Hamilton region redefine window treatment in every send of the word. Privacy, daylight filtration and naturally bright rooms are just a few of their rich characteristics.

Window Roller Blinds

Amazing Window Treatments

When it comes to offering attractive designs and providing window treatment functionalities at the same time, zebra shades stand out. Local Blinds Canada is a professional zebra shades in Mississauga and Toronto supplier. Get these amazing window treatments in any sizes and color combinations.

Textured Roller Blinds

Futuristic Window Blinds

Since the zebra shades from Local Blinds Canada have roller blinds functionality, these can be easily automated. Make your window treatments as smart as you and still benefit from their awesome aesthetics. Made to impress and last long, our zebra shades are high in quality and appeal.

Waterproof Roller Blinds

Sheer Privacy Zebra Shades

When looking to maximize your window privacy while still getting top features, our Zebra Shades are second to none. Combining privacy and very appealing aesthetics, these zebra style window shades are just what you need. Bring unique window treatment ideas to your interiors in Mississauga or Toronto.

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Delivered Anywhere in Canada

Local Blinds Canada is a trusted window treatments supplier in the country. Our sheer zebra shades are available with shipping anywhere in the country. Order now and we will make your amazing zebra shades available at your doorstep anywhere, any time. We are available any time you need.

Free Window Measuring and Fitting in Mississauga and Toronto

Local Blinds Canada offers a full window blinds experience. Our free window measuring and blinds fitting in Mississauga and Toronto services are available for every home and office. Get zebra shades fitted on your windows free of cost in 7-10 working days. Offer your windows a sleek elegant look that never compromises on materials quality at all. Our zebra shades combine the functionality of roller blinds and horizontal style blinds perfect offering best of both worlds. These are available in a variety of different colors, textures and material finishes to suit any interior requirements. Call now to find out more.

Dual Purpose Zebra Shades in Canada

Tired of boring old one-dimensional window treatments in Canada? Get fancy dual purpose zebra shades in Canada that are designed to impress. Fancy striped patterns of a zebra on your windows can make your rooms stand out in presentation. Two separate layers of alternating bands that are sheer and semi-opaque are used. Solid fabrics are attached to a roller with horizontal stripes of these dual layered materials. On the pull of a string, the layers will pass through each other creating the appearance of dark and light zebra stripes. Open the stripes and you have fresh air and daylight as much as needed.

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