Faux Wood Blinds

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Faux Wood Blinds Mississauga Toronto

Designed to look like real wood, Faux Wood Blinds add timeless beauty on a budget. Available in a range of solid and woodgrain colors, faux wood blinds give a room distinctive character—light colors add cheerful charm to a kitchen or living room, while dark colors create a thoughtful atmosphere for a study room or den.

Faux wood aren’t just about classic style and a great view—they also boast some outstanding benefits: 

Economical: Faux wood blinds are an economical choice, allowing homeowners on a budget to reach their interior design goals.

Moisture-tolerant: Faux wood and composite blinds are designed to work well in rooms that need to stand up to excessive moisture.

Versatile: With the variety of style and color options available for custom faux wood blinds, you can create the perfect complement to your home’s windows.

Durable: The high-quality construction of faux wood and composite blinds means you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Available in both 2″ and 2 1/2″ slats, both products offer benefits to your space. Which one is right for you?


Horizontal faux wood blinds. Resistant to moisture and perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms with high heat and humidity, faux wood blinds make a stylish—and economical—choice.

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    Faux Wood Blinds Mississauga

    Decorate your windows with the real look of wooden blinds but on a smaller budget and full waterproof qualities. Local Blinds Canada offers leading faux wood blinds in Mississauga with free fitting services. Choose faux wood blinds that are made from durable vinyl materials processed to give the perfect impression of real wood. Customize your bedroom, living room or office with designer look and wow everyone with amazing designs. Perfect window treatment functionalities including light control, privacy and easy operating blinds are all available. Cost-efficient, waterproof faux wood blinds in Mississauga.

    Faux Wood Blinds Toronto

    To get the real wood room treatment designs at a fraction of the cost has never been easier. Local Blinds Canada now offers quality faux wood blinds in Toronto with free fitting options. Dress your windows up with the real look of luxury wood but also available moisture and humidity resistant features at the same time. Our faux wood blinds in Canada combine the benefits of expensive wooden blinds looks with waterproof window coverage options where wood treatments are usually not suited. A wide range of custom colors for faux wood blinds in Toronto are available to suit all kinds of fancy interior settings.

    Luxury Wooden Aesthetic at Fraction of the Cost

    Need the luxury wooden look and feel for your window treatments but are looking for something more affordable? Our range of custom faux wood blinds in Canada is perfect for your interiors. Made from quality vinyl materials, our faux wood blinds are made to last while giving the aesthetic finish of real woods. You will not be able to tell the difference looking at these from real wood blinds. We offer luxury faux wood blinds in Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton regions with free fittings and shipping all over Canada as well. Choose yours now and treat your windows the way you want in a budget you afford.

    Faux Wood Blinds Canada

    Made to Measure Faux Wood Blinds with Free Fittings

    Non-professional blinds fitting jobs can lead to not so perfect functionality. Local Blinds Canada now offers high-quality faux wood blind that come with free window measuring and fitting options. Get faux wood blinds in Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton region with free fitting visit any day of the week. We serve all homes and offices with 7-10 working days fitting process that makes all blinds last long and function properly. Call now or chat with us here to find out more about free fitting options. Book now and grace your windows with real wood aesthetic with added waterproof functionality.


    Daylight Control

    Just like any wooden blinds will, our range of faux wood blinds in Canada offers perfect daylight control. Dimout with angled slats or blacked out rooms with full window coverage are available features. We provide functional attractive faux wood blinds that are made to impress while still costing less.

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    Waterproof Window Blinds

    Wood blinds made from real woods are always at risk of getting water damage. If you want the look of luxury wooden blinds but without the water exposure risk, our waterproof faux wood blinds in Canada are the perfect alternative. These are made from faux wood materials that look great and last long.

    Complement Wooden Interiors

    Homeowners are often looking for waterproof window treatments to match their wooden interior looks. As real woods may not function well on windows where liquid exposure is commonplace, Local Blinds Canada now offers a range of faux wood blinds that look the same but add humidity resistant features.

    Affordable Chic Look

    There is something about wooden room designs. Local Blinds Canada now offers affordable faux wood blinds that provide that chic look at cheap prices. Our range of custom faux wood blinds complements the woodwork in your rooms perfectly while costing way less than real wood window treatments.

    Faux Wood Blinds By Rooms

    Bedroom Faux Blinds

    Transform your bedroom into a tranquil retreat with our faux wood blinds. The elegant design complements any decor while offering privacy and light control. Crafted with durable materials, our blinds are easy to maintain, ensuring they’ll last for years. Experience a restful ambiance in your bedroom, thanks to these stylish and practical window blinds from LocalBlinds Canada.

    Living Faux Wood

    Create a warm and inviting living space with our faux wood blinds. These blinds not only add a touch of sophistication to your living room but also provide superior light filtering and insulation. LocalBlinds Canada’s limitless selection of colors and finishes allows you to customize the blinds to match your existing decor effortlessly.

    Dining Faux Blinds

    Elevate your dining experience with faux wood blinds from LocalBlinds Canada. These blinds are perfect for setting the right mood during meals, ensuring privacy without compromising on style. Crafted to withstand daily use, they’re an ideal choice for busy households and formal dining areas alike.

    Bathroom Faux Blinds

    Maintain privacy without compromising on style in your bathroom with our faux wood blinds. These water-resistant blinds add a touch of sophistication and are perfect for spaces where moisture resistance is a concern. LocalBlinds Canada ensures you can enjoy both privacy and aesthetics in your bathroom effortlessly.

    Kitchen Faux Blinds

    Practicality meets elegance in our faux wood blinds, specially designed for kitchens. These blinds are resistant to humidity and easy to clean, making them perfect for this high-traffic area. Transform your kitchen into a delightful space with LocalBlinds Canada’s collection of versatile and functional window blinds.

    Office Faux Blinds

    Enhance productivity and professionalism in your office with affordable faux wood blinds from LocalBlinds Canada. These blinds offer exceptional light control, reducing glare on screens and providing a comfortable work environment. Create a lasting impression on clients and employees alike with the timeless elegance of our office blinds.

    FAQS For Faux Wood Blinds

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Made From Real Wood?

    Faux wood blinds are made from wood but that wood is not a natural one. Instead, it is synthetic. That’s why to have a classy experience with faux wood blinds you have to ensure the quality of faux wood just because it is synthetic. At local blinds Canada, we made our faux wood blinds with pure vinyl, ensuring the high-end quality for you to have an astonishing experience.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds The Same As Wood Blinds?

    Faux wood blinds are made from faux wood which is a synthetic material. While wood blinds are the most luxurious types of blinds made from all-natural wood. But quality manufactured faux wood blinds look exactly the same as wood blinds but with a cheaper price tag. At local blinds Canada, you not only get high-end quality faux wood blinds but also an impressively cheaper price tag.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Durable?

    Faux wood blinds are synthetically made from PVC and vinyl. So, their durability is highly dependent on the quality of synthetic materials. At local blinds Canada, quality is ensured by our well-experienced team. We made our intense quality faux wood blinds from all-good vinyl. Durability is just complementary to our quality faux wood blinds.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Good At Energy Efficiency?

    The faux wood blinds we are offering here at local blinds Canada are backed by immense quality of manufacturing with all impressive vinyl. They are hard, they can provide insulation both ways. Keeping heat inside in winter and blocking it come inside in summer. They can help you in managing electricity bills.

    Is Faux Wood Blinds Good At Managing Privacy?

    At local blinds Canada, we make quality faux wood blinds in a precise and elegant way so they can mimic luxurious wood blinds. both have the same functionality, which is pretty sturdy in managing privacy. When faux wood blinds are closed there is no one outside who can breach your privacy.

    Can My Faux Wood Blinds Last Long?

    Faux wood blinds are replicas of luxurious wood blinds. there is no way faux wood blinds can match with the class of wood blinds. but when it comes down to longevity, faux wood blinds somehow manage to over-rules their counterparts by being waterproof. At local blinds Canada, our quality faux wood blinds are 100% waterproof, which means they are better than wood blinds in handling excessive humidity and moisture and that’s how they can last long in any place you want them to be.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Good For My Child’s Safety?

    Child safety is one of the major concerns. We at local blinds Canada, provide all the safety precautions along with our quality faux wood blinds to make sure your and especially your child's safety. It is also highly up to you how you deal with the situation. As a recommendation, don’t place any corded window covering in your kid’s room.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Good For My Bathroom?

    The faux wood blinds here in local blinds Canada are highly capable to manage almost every aspect where a window covering has to be good. Faux wood blinds are a cheaper side of wood blinds, and look exactly the same as wood blinds. from décor to intense blackout. Noise reduction is also something critical for the bedroom. Our quality faux wood blinds can provide you with impressive noise reduction.

    Can Faux Wood Blinds Wrap?

    Yes, they can wrap. At local blinds Canada, we precisely made our faux wood blinds from quality vinyl. Vinyl is one of the materials of faux wood along with PVC and polymer. All these materials are highly vulnerable to excessive heat. Excessive and continuous heat can wrap them.

    Are Faux Wood Blinds Expensive?

    The faux wood blinds we make here at local blinds Canada are made with perfection to copy each and every look of luxurious wood blinds. no matter how good they look the same as wood blinds but faux wood is just not real. So, it is logically obvious that faux wood blinds are much cheaper than wood blinds and surely one of the cheapest window blinds.

    Which Window Size Is Ideal For Faux Wood Blinds?

    Theoretically, faux wood blinds look good on every window. That’s at local blinds Canada, you have our quality-made faux wood blinds for any of your window size. But as a recommendation, due to design and functionality, faux wood blinds are pretty ideal for tall windows as Canadian normally have tall windows.


    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Laura, Toronto, Ontario
    I am thoroughly impressed with the faux wood blinds from Local Blinds Canada. I chose them for my home in Toronto, and they offer the perfect blend of style and practicality. The faux wood blinds look incredibly real and are easy to maintain. Local Blinds Canada has delivered another fantastic product, even with free in-consultation!
    Daniel, Oshawa, Ontario
    Local Blinds Canada's faux wood blinds have added a touch of sophistication to my Oshawa residence. These blinds are not only affordable but also durable and resistant to moisture, making them perfect for our Canadian climate. I couldn't be happier with the value and quality they provide! Also the free measuing and fitting was a really deal.
    Sarah, Hamilton, Ontario
    Local Blinds Canada has once again exceeded my expectations with their faux wood blinds. Last time i installed wood blinds now I installed faux wood blinds in my home in Hamilton, and they look just like real wood. These blinds have transformed my space and provide excellent privacy and light control, and moisture resistance. Local Blinds Canada is my for sure go-to for window treatments!
    John, London, Ontario
    I was looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish window treatment option for my home in London, and Local Blinds Canada's faux wood blinds were the perfect choice. They are not only cost-effective but also easy to clean and maintain. I highly recommend Local Blinds Canada for their faux wood blinds!
    Maria, Mississauga, Ontario
    Local Blinds Canada's faux wood blinds have truly elevated the look of my Mississauga home. These blinds offer a sleek and modern appearance while being resistant to moisture, which is perfect for our climate here in Canada. The free of cost measurements and installation was a breeze, and I couldn't be happier with the result!
    Alex, Guelph, Ontario
    I'm thoroughly impressed with the faux wood blinds from Local Blinds Canada. They look like real wood blinds. They have brought a warm and inviting feel to my Guelph home. The quality and affordability of these blinds are unmatched. Local Blinds Canada has once again proven to be the best choice for window treatments with affordability in Canada!

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