What To Think About When Choosing Blinds

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There can be different reasons why people might want to replace their curtains with something more modern. For starters, curtains and drapes are usually some of the most expensive window treatments. Then, there is the case of curtains using up too much textile. Ecofriendly ones among us don’t appreciate that too. Curtains and drapes are cumbersome to wash, clean and maintain. That’s not far from the truth as well. Modern homes also want something more compact and versatile.

Choice of materials today is greater than it was. People can now complement their woodwork in any luxury room with wooden blinds. If you like fabrics on windows but don’t want something as massive as conventional drapes, Roman blinds should suffice. If you are after something to last years, rollers, verticals or metal blinds would be the replacement. Given more options, people can now choose based on price factors, aesthetics and versatile functionality.

Here are some great curtain replacements modern homes can make use of:

1: Roman Blinds for Modern Homes

For people who prefer fabrics on their windows but don’t want the heft of curtains, Roman blinds are perfect replacements. These are fabric blinds that offer versatile window treatments. Also, Roman blinds are much more compact while offering great blackout and dimout functionalities.

Roman blinds and shades will also be much cheaper than expensive drapes. Cleaning and maintaining them will be much easier as well with longer life spans. Since they are made from fabrics, all kinds of prints, textures, fabric thicknesses and other features are available.

Quality Roman blinds are available in perfect fit sizes. At Local Blinds, we take measurements of your windows and then design your Roman shades. Also, you will also get great temperature insulation for windows with this snugly fitted blinds options.

2: Roller Shades with Unlimited Design and Print Options

When it comes to colors, printed designs, textures and surface finishes, roller shades are among the most versatile. Made from composite materials, roller shades are available in-window and on-window style fittings. These are some of the most affordable and most desirable window treatments.

Quality Roller blinds are now available in the widest range of designs and finishes. These are some of the most versatile with the ability to be used on any windows. Waterproof materials can be used making them the best for bathrooms and kitchens as well in modern homes.

In all fairness, roller shades are the cheapest window treatments available as well. Automated rollers are also available offering unique versatile functionality. Have strings on either side or get them with pull tabs functionality. Rollers are versatile and perfectly suited for many requirements.

3: Luxury Wooden Blinds for Modern Homes

For interiors and windows that need something truly luxurious, wooden blinds are great options. There are wooden window treatments available in all sizes and different natural colors. Polished surfaces make them glossy or matte depending on personal preferences.

Wooden blinds are available in custom made to measure sizes for all requirements. These provide a great layer of temperature insulation, privacy and daylight control. When you get wood blinds fitted right, they will provide many great features. Modern homes look best with wooden treatments.

Naturally, wood materials are some of the longest lasting as well. Also, you can replace individual slats upon damage or non-functioning of any kinds. These are by no means the cheapest curtain replacement in the market. But, in all fairness, wood shades are some of the best money can buy.

4: Light and Compact Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Many people prefer compact and easy to operate window treatments as well. For those preferences, aluminum blinds are usually the most convenient. As their name implies, aluminum venetians are made from metallic materials. However, the nature of aluminum makes them ultra-light and very compact.

Quality metal blinds always get treated for waterproof finishes. When given the right treatment, they will be some of the longest lasting window blinds. Perfectly usable for bathrooms, kitchens as well as modern homes bedrooms, living rooms and also office windows, these are very versatile.

5: Long-Lasting Vertical Blinds in Modern Homes

Different people have different window treatment style preferences. If horizontal stripes and slats aren’t your thing for curtain replacements, try out some vertical blinds. These are made from flexible composite materials and offer perfect window coverage at all times.

Quality vertical blinds are always the best choice for office and commercial interiors. Additionally, their generic designs offer perfect large window opening coverage. Also, vertical blinds are the perfect domestic window treatment options as well available in all colors.

One of the best features of vertical blinds is easy maintenance for modern homes. Not only can these be cleaned rather easily with their large slats. Replacement slats are available for next to nothing. Also, these will last a long time when treated and maintained right on any windows.

6: Blackout Shades for Sun-Facing Rooms

Sun-facing rooms will always have the problem of too much light. Unfiltered daylight can be just enough to disrupt concentration or mood for anyone. With blackout shades and light filtering treatments, you can control daylight efficiently. These are available in many different forms as well.

Modern homes that have sun-facing windows can use blackout and dimout shades perfectly. Usually, perforated materials in darker colors are used to filter daylight. Complete blackouts are also available with the right materials. Additionally, these shades are easily replaceable and very affordable.

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